Marching To The Beat Of A Different Reality

Friday, January 20, 2017

Au Revoir President Obama

Just yesterday, a friend emailed me a selection of White House Christmas cards. All of them from recent presidential administrations featured the taxpayer owned WHITE HOUSE in various stages of seasonal beauty. 

Mr. Obama's featured himself, his wife and his daughters in very expensive clothing, smiling for the cameras as though simple celebrities, and not those who took with great seriousness their roles as the leader and figureheads of the (once) most powerful nation in the world - a force for freedom and good in the world for hundreds of years. 

In  my estimation, Mr. Obama was never for the PEOPLE of the united states, he was for HIMSELF and the furtherance of his own ideals. He loved to hear himself talk and create Executive Orders as though a King, talking down the country over which he was elected to preside by the people, all the while creating a persona of happy-go-lucky scratch golfer, friend to rap artists and basketball players everywhere. 

Sadly, so much of America today adheres to the 'surface only' doctrine of "if it looks good and is popular, it IS good". 

It is my hope and prayer that, with the election of Mr. Trump, Americans will awaken and those awake continue to be aware of the dangers this country faces - large dangers which will not evaporate simply because a new person inhabits the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office. 

Good-Bye Mr. Obama and family. Your legacy is probably best described by the referendum directed against you by the people you sought to rule and dictate over - those in the middle who produce your food, make your stuff and faced nothing but rising health costs, shrinking wages and stagnate job growth. May you confine yourself to your love of self-entertainment and aggrandizement and stay away from political ventures in the future.