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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Empire's Attempts To Repel Rebel Forces Are Beginning To Fail

Much of this blog was posted on my Facebook page, however, I wanted to make add links and the actual full and complete text of the Resolution Against Domestic Violence sent to me in an email by Charlie Potts of the Capitol Republican Caucus:

I just finished listening to an interview with Vice-Chair of the OKGOP Estella Hernandez by Pat Campbell and Eddie Huff. I continue to be very appreciative of Pat's interviewing skills which resulted - in my mind - of a ferreting out of Mrs. Hernandez' apparent mission to create dissension within the OKGOP. Even my kids - who were listening as I played the interview on the computer - remarked that she was avoiding and not answering several of the questions Pat was asking.

Pat said several times that upon hearing the recorded conversation between Mrs. Hernandez and Chairman Randy Brogdon during a recent meeting discussing a press conference detailing a Resolution to the OKGOP Executive Committee (Exhibit 1 below) - described by Mrs. Hernandez in a widely-disseminated email (Exhibit 2 below) - that he was unable to support Mrs. Hernandez' stated claim that Chairman Brogdon yelled at her, exhibiting a 'condescending' tone. In fact, he called Hernandez' tone and posture in the recording "insubordinate" and indicated that it was she who began upbraiding Chairman Brogdon during the contented discussion.

Frankly, I was most interested in the last part of the conversation - the part in which Mrs. Hernandez labeled herself as grassroots by explaining that her definition of 'grassroots' was, essentially, 'common folk' like herself who had only one parent and no money. She considered 'establishment folk' to be those with money and (I'm extrapolating here) privilege.

I must call her analysis interesting simply because MY definition of Republican grassroots wouldn't have been the liberal "Occupy Wall Street" definition, but more that Republican grassroots believe in upholding the concepts of individual liberty, the Constitution of the United States and the Republican Party Platform, whereas 'establishment' members of the GOP tend toward a disinterest in the Party Platform - and often the Constitution - in favor of a more 'business friendly', 'big tent' agenda that often subjugates individual liberty and undermines the American free market economy by utilizing tax dollars to pick winners and losers.

Many unfamiliar with Party politics will roll their eyes and wonder why in the world any of this sordid affair has merited conversation, yet there are several reasons for the madness. 
  1. Though the Party has begun to lose relevance as the principles outlined in the platform have been cast aside in favor of the power and influence Big Business brings via lobbying, registered Republicans are those individuals able to vote in PRIMARY elections. Primary elections are the most influential point in an election cycle because the voter has an opportunity to cast a vote among a FIELD of candidates for that one appearing best equipped to uphold Party principles. General elections offer voters no choice other than Party. 
  2. consequences. Just think, who would stand to lose if the OKGOP created a mechanism by which to force Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) to govern by the OKGOP platform or face censure?
For reasons of full disclosure, I admit I did not vote for Mrs. Hernandez. Honestly, she lost my vote when she separated herself into the racial class of 'Hispanic' freely at the podium and then spoke (in her Convention speech) of the necessity to bring more 'Hispanic' people into the party. 

Why should we care about the nationality or race of anyone in the Republican Party so long as they agreed to uphold its platform and principles? To me, this concept of racial separation is very reminiscent of President Obama's need to use the federal government as a lever to force equality - a mindset I can only describe as the Marxist nature of "divide and conquer".

In the KFAQ/Campbell interview, Mrs. Hernandez claimed vociferously that - upon the resignation of TC Ryan - the Party would begin to exhibit the ideal of 'unity' behind which she and other Republicans have been standing during this whole kerfuffle. In light of this statement, I will expect nothing less than the State Republican Executive Committee meeting tomorrow to run smoothly with Chairman Brogdon receiving the support due his elected position while state GOP business is handled professionally and fairly.

It's simply too bad that Mrs. Hernandez and her group of supporters found it necessary to foment dissent and drama in the public eye prior to the resignation of TC Ryan. Whether Chairman Brogdon consented to remove Mr. Ryan from his post or not, it was his decision to make and any concerns involving the issue should have been kept behind closed doors utilizing a level of civility lending credence to their claim of desired Party unity.

Of interest to many should be the fact that this attempted coup built under the guise of 'domestic violence' prevention, is possibly little more than Standard Operating Procedure for members of the GOP 'elite' (as Estella describes). A recent article in Red State indicate that a similar campaign of "allegations and innuendo" have been used in attempt to remove Colorado's newly elected, more conservative, state GOP chair.
As I wrote recently in
It totally floors me that so many Republicans are willing to ruin the name and reputation of another Republican and then put the oneness for the fallout on the one whose name is being ruined. This is a tactic used by the Left (Saul Alinsky, particularly) -- those the GOP are supposed to work against.
Moving forward, many professing Republican office-holders in the state may find it unfortunate that Hernandez and her associates opened Pandora's Box with their campaign to cleanse the OKGOP of individuals exhibiting past unlawful behavior

In fact, it will be interesting to see how many current Republican office-holders must be drummed out of office by the OKGOP for offenses such as drunk driving, embezzlement, adultery and more in order not to appear hypocritical or contrary. Once all the sinners are expunged, however, I have every confidence the Party can truly and fully unite together under the banner of God's grace proclaimed so loudly in the recent OKGOP Resolution Against (TC Ryan) Domestic Violence (Exhibit 1, below). After all, this was always only about Domestic Violence and not the roots of OKGOP control.

EXHIBIT 1 MEDIA ADVISORY: Oklahoma County GOP to Hold Press Conference Unveiling Resolution Against Domestic Violence OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma County GOP will hold a press conference Wednesday in the State Capitol media room on the 4th floor Oklahoma County Chairman Daren Ward, Vice Chair Evelyn McCoy, elected officials and representatives from organizations that deal with the issue of domestic violence on a daily basis. For more information contact OKCGOP Chairman Daren Ward PROPOSED RESOLUTION OF THE STATE COMMITTEE OF THE OKLAHOMA REPUBLICAN PARTY
WHEREAS, domestic violence is one of the most serious issues facing the people of Oklahoma; and
WHEREAS, Oklahoma ranks third in the nation for men killing women; and
WHEREAS, between 1998 and 2010, Oklahoma lost 1,059 victims to domestic violence; and
WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Republican Party is the governing party of the state of Oklahoma, responsible for directing policy in the Legislature and in every statewide executive office; and
WHEREAS, Oklahomans now look to and reply upon the Republican Party for responsible leadership; and
WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Republican Party was the political party of the only two women ever elected to Congress from Oklahoma, and is the party of Oklahoma's first female Governor; and
WHEREAS, women have long played a critical role in the success of the Oklahoma Republican Party, most notably through the efforts of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women and its affiliate clubs; and
WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Republican Party wishes to make clear to all women and all voters in this state that it has zero tolerance for domestic violence, and that domestic violence has no place in the Oklahoma Republican Party; and
WHEREAS, Mr. T.C. Ryan, recently appointed to the staff of the Oklahoma Republican Party, pleaded guilty in 2012 to domestic violence in front of a minor child and interference with an emergency telephone call; and
WHEREAS, though the people of the Oklahoma Republican Party believe in grace and forgiveness, we also believe in personal responsibility, recognize that actions have consequences, and that some crimes disqualify the perpetrators from holding party positions that represent all Republicans; and
WHEREAS, Rule 10 (a) of the "Rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party" provides that "The State Committee is the supreme Republican Party authority of the state Republican Party" and that the State Committee is "charged with the duty of promoting the welfare and direction, controlling the affairs of the Oklahoma Republican Party and the Oklahoma State Republican Conventions, and in promoting the welfare of the Republican Party of the United States of America"; 
WHEREAS, Rule 10 (g) of the "Rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party" provides that "The State Chairman shall be responsible for... the carrying out of the directions and resolutions of the State Committee".
THAT the issue of domestic violence in the state of Oklahoma is of the utmost consequence, and that the Oklahoma Republican Party must lead on this issue.
THAT the credibility of the Oklahoma Republican Party as a governing party for the State of Oklahoma is jeopardized by the tolerance of domestic violence.
THAT Oklahoma Republican Party State Chairman Randy Brogdon is hereby directed, under the authority granted to the State Committee by the "Rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party", to permanently terminate the employment of Mr. T.C. Ryan as an employee of the Oklahoma Republican Party.
Daren Ward County Chairman Oklahoma County Republican Party EXHIBIT 2 June 24th, 2015 Good afternoon all, It is an honor to serve as Vice Chair and work in the best interest of the OK Republican Party. It had also been a pleasure working with our elected Chairman, Randy Brogdon until today. As you are aware, a very public press conference took place against the issue of Domestic Violence today at the StateCapitol. As an appointed Commissioner on the Oklahoma Commission on the Statusof Women, I attended in support of women who have been affected by this issue. Following the press conference, I went to GOP HQ for a staff meeting with Randy. Instead of a staff meeting, it was a heated discussion between him and I. He proceeded to tell me the reason he is keeping me out of any communication and involvement in the party is because I’m not fulfilling my duties as Vice Chair. That my duties are to “aid and assist the State Chairman in all of his duties and to carry out the agenda of the Chairman.” He feels I should not speak out against his decisions to keep TC Ryan on staff. And consequently, states that he will not approve any of my speaking engagements to any of the counties and refuses to do any future travel reimbursements to the Vice Chair. He’s angry that I spoke my mind and told the facts on how the OKGOP is being administered and how I’m being excluded from any involvement, when asked at the OK County Executive Committee meeting. Please note that my answer was in response to concerns from individuals not receiving party information. In our staff meeting, he mentioned he had not received any resolutions from anyone. Since I was at the press conference and I was headed to headquarters, I brought OK County’s resolution and hand delivered it to Randy. After the delivery of the resolution, he stormed off and ended the meeting by saying “This further proves my point you are not fulfilling the duties of Vice Chair.” I will not let this incident discourage me. I will continue to work hard on behalf of the OK Republican Party and fulfill the duties I was elected to do. If you have any questions or need to contact me, please feel free to call my cell. Respectfully Estela Hernandez State Vice Chair Oklahoma Republican Party