Marching To The Beat Of A Different Reality

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Do Christians Continue In The Face Of A Changing America?

A Facebook friend​ tagged me in this video this morning 

- the morning after the stunning, saddening defeat in the Republican race for a local House District of the sweetest, most civic-minded, God-fearing person I know, at the hands of a Chambercrat willing to sell hardworking Oklahomans under the bus for a big-money endorsement that would allow him to carry Chamber water in the House where he should be representing the individuals of his district instead.

Why do you suppose such a great candidate lost in his district? Was it because there weren't enough volunteers? Was it because there weren't enough volunteer hours put in? I know! It was because the campaign wasn't managed properly! NO! There were PLENTY of volunteers who put in lots of volunteer hours under a campaign managed expertly by individuals committed to the cause. This loss occurred for four reasons and four reasons only:
  1. Money buys stuff - cars, homes, friendships and SEATS OF POWER in state houses across the nation and Congress. Campaigns staffed primarily with volunteers cannot possibly compete - especially when combined with the next three reasons. 
  2. Values, ethics and morals are becoming things of the past in the Amerika of today, where people use money to create organizations behind which they can hide and deflect criticism all while lying about good candidates in order to ruin their reputations simply to win elections. 
  3. Public schools across the country have become 'government schools' which teach kids everything BUT morals, values and ethics (without Biblical morals, values and ethics, whose do you teach - from where do these arise?), dumbing them down in every area of their lives to the point that they not only are so stupid as to believe a Hershey Bar has more value to them then a 10oz silver bar, but that homosexuality is natural and to be protected at the expense of the religious liberty of others, along with the practice of killing children while in the womb. 
  4. Civic responsibility is taught in schools today as ignoring the individual rights of others while elevating one's own. This leads to reverse discrimination, bullying others into believing they are bullies and taking to the street to destroy the property of others while acting out righteous rage over perceived violations of an individual's 'civil rights' - today's definition of which would cause Martin Luther King Junior to roll over in his grave. (In fact, I am completely convinced that the only thing providing gravity on planet Earth right now, is the centripetal force of the Founders of this nation and those of great historical stature such as the Reverend - rolling over and over and over in their graves.) Actual civic responsibility in America today does NOT consist of researching candidates, supporting those which will uphold individual liberty and protect the populace against encroachment of the state and then go out, support and vote for such candidates.
I used to believe there was a way to return America to its roots. I no longer believe that possible. If you engage with any liberal on social media about any liberally-adored topic (homosexual rights, abortion, public education) you will be summarily attacked with the most emotional, nonsensical arguments imagined until you have been beaten into submission. You cannot argue with liberals; their arguments are based solely on emotion sprinkled with out-of-context facts that will suffer no opposing view. In fact, if you oppose their view, they will bully you until you see it their way and then tell you YOU are the bully. Their 'facts' are their 'facts' and no one will change their mind about them, mainly because they have no Biblical worldview through which they could be imparted the wisdom necessary to be able to assimilate another's argument and counter it rationally and reasonably with a level of decorum allowing civil discourse. 

In fact, since the SCOTUS ruling regarding homosexual marriage, this group of people has become obviously emboldened. Social media posts I've made that would not have received the time of day from others but those who agreed, are now regularly attacked using the most strident, dismissive and ugly comments possible.

This wouldn't be such a problem really, excepting that this group of people is also fast becoming the MAJORITY of persons in this country, while, simultaneously, many of our compatriots have abdicated their civic responsibility nearly completely out of frustration at the breakdown of the America with which we identify. 

Herein lies the rub: there is no way to win - there are too many of 'them' to 'us'. So what do we do? Do we give up? Do we hunker down in our own spaces and hope the coming government implosion will pass us by? NO, but we DO focus our activities.

We DO:
  • Work with those willing to work with to establish and protecting personal liberty - the 'remnant' (Romans 11:5). To quote a liberal: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has". 
  • Work to instruct our children - bringing them up in the "way they should go so they will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 11:18-19). This means PULLING THEM OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL AND EDUCATING THEM IN PRIVATE SCHOOL OR HOME SCHOOL. 
  • Work to encourage one another. I just did a cursory internet search and found that versions of the word "encourage" are found 57 times in the Bible - that MUST be for a reason. Encouragement can help keep us engaged and communicating with one another during times of duress and stress.
  • Act at the local level! The further out your circle, the less influence you have. If you live in a small town, attend town meetings and school board meetings - make sure your state Representative and Senator know who you are. Pay particular attention to state issues by getting on the email lists of state-based groups doing Christian political work in the state.
God is the author of the plan - we cannot forget that - but we can't sit with our hands folded across the Bible in our lap either. Only God can save the lost. We must work to keep the remnant together in whatever ways possible, not only prayerfully, but through actions as well. Therefore, do not engage the enemy in ways that will cause you to be dejected - work with and encourage one another as the Lord would have us do! It's time to circle the wagons, put our head down and keep going in Faith through action. We just may need to change the scope of our actions. Instead of trying to change the whole country, we need to keep ourselves together, bringing others along as we're able.