Marching To The Beat Of A Different Reality

Thursday, November 17, 2016

We Don't Need Your Corporatist Or Progressive Education - The MIDDLE'S Here To Play!

Joy Pullmann at the Federalist wrote a GREAT piece today on why Michelle Rhee should NOT be named as theSecretary of EducationI loved it so much, I'm doubling down on it. 

No, neither Rhee nor anyone else of her 'ilk' should be appointed as head of DOE. 

In case you don't know - or are somehow new to education policy (or heck - just governance in the United States) - there is no middle ground anymore. NONE. Yes, there is supposed to be a gradient of governance that tends to rest somewhere near the middle of the ideological spectrum (ideally) in EVERY area of our lives the government has usurped, yet - particularly in education - what you really have is this: 

Friday, November 11, 2016

The 2016 Election; A Victory for Middle American Values?

The election is over.  Trump has won.  Celebrities are running for the hills, rioting and protests have broken out in major population centers across the country, and I heard from a friend watching, that a talking head at Good Morning America (the Thursday after the election) felt the need to explain the vote as a reality not a nightmare.

Trump, trumped Clinton - there's no way around that. With the media projecting Hilary as the winner most of last year and throughout the night - even after he took Florida - it was clear by Wednesday morning that the media, liberal America and the celebrity class were shocked beyond reason at the result of this election.  I'm not surprised - their total inability to understand the thought processes and lives of middle America represent a majority of reasons for the outcome of this election.

Monday, November 7, 2016

To Whom Should We Really Pledge Our Allegiance?

This morning I read with interest yet another article about someone not observing the Pledge of Allegiance and it hit me - why not before I know not, but this morning it hit me - 'allegiance'. 

That's a tricky word, 'allegiance'. 

As a Christian, I owe my 'allegiance' to my father God - not to a flag, as that could be considered idol worship - so I went out to the internet and CAREFULLY found a website (meaning I didn't use Wikipedia or a government or other institution) that had information on the Pledge. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Being the 'Bad Guy'

It's easy to feel like the "bad guy" today. 

Not only am I the mother of two teens and a 'pre'-teen - a situation which often necessitates starting off statements with words like, "Do not..." or "Let's not..." or the very popular, "No..." - but even more often, when trolling Facebook or reading the news, I find I have an opinion opposite that of 'public' opinion. 

Because I'm opinionated and state my take on the truth of numerous subjects, and Facebook declares subjects only likable if they receive some kind of acknowledgement, I can feel like the "bad guy" many times a day! It can get so frustrating and discouraging that many times a week I feel my mental health would be significantly improved if I deleted my Facebook account and unplugged from the World - like our family has from commercial television.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It is NOT the Government's Duty To Provide People With ANYTHING But Liberty

I read the saddest, but most realistic post from what I can only assume – from the pictures on his Facebook page visible to the public – is a millennial-aged guy.  Here are the most important excerpts of that post:

“It’s the government’s duty to provide people with the chance for the pursuit of happiness.  We have this tendency to differentiate between what is a Christian’s individual duty to society and what is a government’s duty.  But, the trust is that it is the duty of both to promote the general welfare of society.”

“Hand-outs are the job of both the Christian and the government.”

I Can't Support Jen Hatmaker's Method of Ministry

A recent blog by Matt Walsh on the Blaze has been making the rounds. I have not previously followed Jen Hatmaker - I'm gonna say that right up front. In fact, I've only heard her name through friends of mine she inspires.

I did use to follow Beth Moore religiously (sorry - couldn't help it), having completed over a dozen or so of her Bible study courses. It's interesting to me that at the moment, Moore is getting the beat down over comments she made to the effect that the election shouldn't make us so angry (GASP) and that we should TRUST GOD, and quit finding such fault with each other over our particular political choices everything will work out the way it is supposed to (again GASP). Basically, her thesis concluded with the notion that God doesn't need our help to run the globe for him. We should do what we can (our civic duty), but not in anger or malice or in ruination of friendships and family relationships that may never be mended.