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Monday, November 7, 2016

To Whom Should We Really Pledge Our Allegiance?

This morning I read with interest yet another article about someone not observing the Pledge of Allegiance and it hit me - why not before I know not, but this morning it hit me - 'allegiance'. 

That's a tricky word, 'allegiance'. 

As a Christian, I owe my 'allegiance' to my father God - not to a flag, as that could be considered idol worship - so I went out to the internet and CAREFULLY found a website (meaning I didn't use Wikipedia or a government or other institution) that had information on the Pledge. 

I've placed that website address below and I suggest you go read it for yourself, check out the history and let me know if you think this woman is wrong and why. I tend to think not, however, as I've studied the period of history she outlines for the genesis of the Pledge and have found her historical components to be at least grossly accurate. 

I have been a huge proponent of the flag salute, but over the last several years the words have rung in my head and concerned me to the point that I've quit saying at least the word 'indivisible'. Let's look at the words (please note here, the flag salute was written by a Christian Socialist minister and begun throughout public schools to Americanize the foreigner and rekindle patriotism and collectivism after the Civil War). 

I pledge allegiance to the flag: at least the Jehovah's Witnesses have argued (and won in the Supreme Court) that reciting the pledge violated their prohibition against a graven image. A flag is an inanimate object. No shock here that the Pledge was in part created to sell flags. Little known fact: apparently the first solute was more akin to that of the Third Reich! Yikes! 

Of the United States of America: in order that immigrants would understand it wasn't the Italian or Irish flag which they now, as citizens of the US, held in ultimate esteem. 

And to the Republic for which it stands: to remind immigrants (and government know-nothings today) the form of government given to America by its Founders. One nation: yes, gray coats, the whole succession thing didn't work for you and you'd better fall in line with this notion - a concept, by the way, which violates the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. Indoctrination anyone? 

Under God: added by Eisenhower to push back against the notion of Soviet style Communism and to declare America's founding religious faith. Probably the only part of the Pledge for which I would actively argue. 

Indivisible: again - don't forget, you can't get out of this compact between states - look what happened last time that was attempted. 

With liberty and justice for all: human beings bestow liberty or justice? Yes, but the human kind that depends upon the humanness of the person who bestows it. During the Civil War, justice involved lynching blacks. Liberty is a physical quality that has been turned into a legal/patriotic term but the only kind of liberty which is transcendental, is that found in the truth of Christ. This isn't the quality characterized by the Pledge, it is the 'social justice' kind that believes in sameness of economy and spirit. No thank you. 

Esprit de Corps can be important in keeping a group together - especially in the military. The Pledge was a form of Esprit de Corp, however, meant to promote national unity. This is not a bad thing in itself, but when it comes to the point that people will denigrate and shun others for their lack of recitation, we've become Communists. Think on that. 

Where is the "liberty for all" the Pledge promises if citizens will be attacked publicly and shamed for not reciting its words? 

I have GREAT respect for our soldiers and GREATLY appreciate their service, but their duty was to their fellow human beings, not merely an ideal of 'country'. 
Their service was in friendship to the family of man. 

As John says, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." 

Bottom line: as Christians, our allegiance is to our Father and our duty is to our fellow human beings made in His image. When you use these terms and truths to stand for ideals and not Biblical truths, they can be used and bastardized by humans into a desecration of all that comes against that Word. 

Remember, Hitler engaged in Nationalism. Liberty only comes in Christ and the only true justice is meted out by God himself. Let us not fall for the devices of the devil used by man.