Marching To The Beat Of A Different Reality

Friday, January 27, 2017

I Don't Want To Be Represented By Women Who Don't Represent Me

Seeing pictures of women wearing 'pu**y' hats, and/or dressed as vaginas trolling up and down streets all over this country has sincerely made me sick to my stomach.

So self-centered - with such little concern for their fellow man - these women seemingly can't comprehend that THEY are the privileged few from across the entire world simply because they can stop their whole lives, travel to their state's capitol - or the nation's capitol - and take a day to do nothing but walk up and down a street with signs and goofy clothing.

The vast majority of women in the world spend each and every moment of each and every day just trying to put food in front of their children - barely able to stop and eat themselves, let alone buy the materials and goods necessary to dress as a female body part and wonder up and down their washed out roads of mud and wood.

I wonder how a woman in Saudi Arabia suffering from female genital mutilation views this kind of thing - or the mother who watches her children bloat and collect flies as their bodies decay from starvation - what about the woman who has to walk two miles to draw water for their families and then carry it back on their shoulders every single day, or the young girl sold into sex slavery?

To see women who boldly proclaim EQUALITY of the sexes as they also boldly picket for the 'choice' to kill their unborn babies while there are women in this country and across the world dying inside to have and hold a baby of their own, makes me sad to be a woman in America.

Yes, there are men who are misogynists or who treat women as beneath them, but I don't know how in the world you can 'legislate' or 'agitate' for men to be 'kinder, gentler souls' to women. In fact, the whole wearing of 'pussy' hats and walking around without a bra on makes women LOOK like a bunch of idiots - not people to be taken AT ALL SERIOUSLY. What man in the world wouldn't see some woman walking around without her shirt on as a sex object? Please don't tell me men can control themselves, because that argument applies to women as well and for Pete sakes there is something called decorum which any women can exhibit to make MOST men take them seriously.

I know sexual assault against women is a problem in America, but until we start making FAMILY in this country a priority I don't know how 'legislating' or 'agitating' for that's going to work either. Boys without male parents tend to have all kinds of issues when they grow up. Without a strong mother or mother figure or a mom that is often missing from the household because she has to work two jobs to make ends meet as a result of divorce or having babies outside of wedlock (which is too easy with our current welfare structure), boys tend to become feral (Lord of the Flies?). The best that can be done is to bring violaters up on charges already existing in current code and blowing the whistle to supervisory staff for office offenders.

As for the notion that women aren't paid as well as men, we're still a country that offers women better jobs at a higher prevailing wage than nearly any other - there's that. Back in the late 80's, I remember interviewing for a state job and being asked, "So are you going to take off to have children?" Today, that's seen as a sexist question, but I don't buy it. EVERY job has a cost and EVERY decent employer is going to try and do whatever it takes to maximize their bottom line. Training an employee who isn't going to be there as often because they are a primary caretaker for kids is an issue that effects that company's bottom line which effects all other employees. How fair is it to want the same pay as a man yet being there less often?

I am one those whose family does without and scrimps a bit to make sure I can stay home with our three children and school them at home. Once my husband and I decided to have children - though I have an advanced degree - we agreed to lose my income while I put our children first and stayed home to care for them. I would like to see women in this country decide they can make this same decision. Our children ARE important and staying home and raising them ourselves makes for a more stable, less reflexive society. Anything money can buy children outside food, clothing and shelter is NEVER more important than the emotional stability a loving home can provide for a lifetime.

In all seriousness, I don't want to be represented by these women because they don't represent me. I want to be represented by women like my mother who has tirelessly trekked across the world on mission trips to rebuild churches and the lives of women and families impoverished by circumstances, and who, weekly, assists families and veterans through various non-profit organizations - women who truly care about others and not simply about themselves and their circumstances.

In fact, I know women at my home school coop who have adopted child after child - children with special needs, children that had nowhere else to go, children who needed someone to love them - women who have re-arranged and re-prioritized their lives just to make a difference in someone else's. These women don't march in the street for equality, they are DAILY doing what needs to be done - daily caring for the smallest of us - without fanfare - without recognition - sometimes without thanks.

What we need in America is not more equality for women, we need women who are more willing to provide equality for others - women who can elevate others above themselves in selfless service to mankind. Where's the march for that?