Marching To The Beat Of A Different Reality

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nature Reflects The Glory Of God


I awoke this morning a bit before 5am. The windows are open, not only because the giant white puppies - Great Pyrenees and cattle dog mix - chewed the ignition wire on the air conditioner and we can't turn it on, but because there is nothing like the sounds of the country in the morning. 

With the rain last evening, every toad and frog for miles have come to sit around the pond, each one trilling its own specific song in its own specific timbre specifically to entice a mate. Some are shrill constant tones like crickets, others bleat like lambs, still others croak long, deep, raspy extended tones building to a crescendo that would make any maestro proud. Behind this cacophony come the haunting, questioning calls of the owls bouncing from tree to tree, the echos of which carry into my room on the breeze. Later still come the shrill, lonely cries of the nighthawks hunting down the last moths of the night. 

Beyond that, as the sky becomes colored with the first streaks of orange light, the roosters start to crow, begging the turkeys to chime in lest they become forgotten in the symphony. 

I hope never to witness the day I cease to be amazed at the unbelievable and amazing sounds of nature right outside my window. God's creation is truly wondrous and, to me, a reinforcement of who He is through his works. The compression of human beings into cities must be at least a portion of the reason we are losing our humanity. 

When one is separated from nature, one cannot but be separated from God. Humans are fallen; an imperfect, fallible shell only redeemable through the work and words of Jesus Christ. It's worthless to attempt to find God unadulterated in such creatures. 

Nature is God's perfect work and the truest reflection of our Father on earth. Go outside today. Enjoy and appreciate His handiwork all around you and praise Him for all that He is and has made which, in turn, entertain us through his provision.